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Beach Triangle History: 122 Rainsford Road

By John Ellis

This article was originally published in the Winter 2005 edition of the Triangle Topics newsletter.

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Our research inspired Lil Rowe to do some of her own! Lil tells us that 122 Rainsford was also built in 1913, bought in October 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Bulger, and Audrey Bulger lived there until she passed away in August 2005. The Bulgers had photos of their property from about 1915, one from the backyard that showed no houses on Kingston Road in the block between Rainsford and Columbine. Lil says she spoke to the folks at 199 Kingston Road and they believe their house was built in 1922.

This is surprising because one would have thought that Kingston Road would have been one of the first parts of the Triangle to be developed, being on a main road and near the already-established town of Norway, east of Woodbine. Our research so far suggests that there were no homes on Queen or the lower reaches of Triangle north-south streets in 1912 or on much of Kingston Road, and perhaps not even until the twenties. There were homes on Woodbine as early as 1907 and in the interior of the Triangle from at least 1913. We know that 42 Lark was built in 1925, 39 Brookmount in 1929, and 29 Lockwood in 1917.