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Triangle History: 39 Brookmount Road

By John Ellis

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This article was originally published in the Spring 2005 edition of the Triangle Topics newsletter.

Stephen Anderson of 39 Brookmount wrote to say that when they renovated their house in the fall of 1991, they replaced the original hardwood floor, finding that newspapers had been spread between the sub-floor and the original hardwood floor. These newspapers couldn’t be salvaged, but were dated December 1921, probably signifying when the house was built. Steve notes that the fireplace flue was stuffed with newspapers from 1937, which seems to have been a curiously risky thing to do!

We treasure these bits of history of our neighbourhood. If you have any such knowledge of your home, please contact John Ellis, 416-694-3288,, 52 Rainsford Road, Toronto M4L 3N6.