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Home History: 46 Dixon Avenue

By John Ellis

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46 Dixon is a handsomely renovated semi-detached house between Lockwood and Brookmount Avenues, the happy home of Anil Khera and his family. In looking for the history of the home and its first owners at the Toronto Archives, the Goads Atlas reveals that 46 Dixon was among the first 29 homes built on the avenue.

No Building Permit could be confirmed for this address, but four permits from 6 June 1912 to 23 January 1913 for similar houses built on Dixon show cost estimates from $4,800 to $5,200.

The 1913 Assessment Roll revealed that the first owner was Walter Mustin, a 37-year old Concrete Finisher, who had a co-ownership agreement with George T. Eades. There were eight occupants, including four children (at least two between the ages of 8 and 14). The house was valued, for tax purposes, at $2,000 and the 20’ x 120’ lot at $600.

Walter Edwin Mustin was born in Kings Heath, Worcestershire, England, 29 September 1874, the eldest child of Joseph B. and Rosannah Mustin. By 1891, at 16 years of age, he was working for a contractor and, at 26, he was a “hauler” for a sand and gravel company. In about 1897, he married Elizabeth Austin in Staffordshire, England. She was born 3 December 1874.

Walter immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1903, and Elizabeth followed in 1906 on board S.S Victorian with their daughter, Elizabeth May (“May”), four years old (born February 1898), and their son “Bertie”, three years old (tragically, Frederick Herbert Mustin, schoolboy, died of typhoid fever on 8 January 1908, at six years of age). Travelling with Elizabeth was her sister, Isabella Eades (neé Austin) and her son, Harold, four years old. All travelled as “steerage”.

In 1911, the Mustin family (Walter, Elizabeth, May, 13, born February 1898 in England, and Edna, 2, born January 1909 in Ontario) lived at 269 Bartlett Avenue, moving to 49 Palmerston Avenue in 1916. (No records have been found as to where the Eades family lived at this time.) In 1913, Walter was a driver for a contractor, had worked for 52 weeks previously and earned the princely sum of $624.

In 1916, the Mustin Family, Walter, Elizabeth, and their children, May and Edna; and the Eades family, George, Isabella, Harold, and one other child (not yet traced) moved into 46 Dixon Road.

George Frederick Eades (sometimes “Eade”), was born to George and Maria (Brighton) Eades in 1875 at Belbroughton, Worcestershire, England. His wife, Isabella, (sometimes “Isobel”) was born to William and Lydia Austin on 3 February, 1877, at Kingsley Moor, Staffordshire, England. In July, 1900, George and Isabella were married at King’s Norton, Worcestershire and lived there until their immigration. They had at least two children, Harold, 11 years of age, and one for whom no record has been found.

Both families were Church of England (later “Anglican”) supporters.

On 7 July 1921, George, Isabella, Edna (2, born January 1909) and Elsie (5, born in 1916) immigrated to Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A., via Dearborn, Michigan. They named “Brother-in-law, G. Eades” and “Sister-in-law, I. Eades”, both then resident at 115 Waverley Road, Toronto, as their nearest relatives in Canada.

In 1930, Walter and Isabella lived at 34 Castillo, Santa Barbara. He was listed as “Elevator Man, Hotel” and she “Janitoress”. Their daughter, Patricia, 16 years of age – born in about 1916, also lived with them.

Walter Mustin died 3 August 1951, at 76 years of age, (his occupation was “Cement Finisher”) and his wife, Elizabeth, died 20 April 1972 in Santa Barbara, California.

As for the Eades, both George and Isabella are buried at St. John’s Norway Cemetery. Their grave marker reads: “In loving memory of Isabella AUSTIN, Feb. 3, 1877-Oct. 16, 1939; Beloved wife of George F. EADES, Gramp, Aug. 7 1875-Dec. 24, 1961, On the day of life, the night has fallen.” Isabella was 62 years old and George was 86 at the time of their deaths.