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Triangle History: 98 Rainsford Road

by John Ellis

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This article was originally published in the Spring 2005 edition of the Triangle Topics newsletter.

James Collins of 98 Rainsford Road dropped off an interesting and somewhat incredible bit of history on the home that he and Jean have shared since 1954.

In about 1975, Jamesís aunt, Cathy Lamond, came from Scotland to visit. When she returned, she was looking through the October 6th, 1915, edition of the Perthshire Advertiser, and was amazed to see a wedding announcement, which she promptly mailed to James.

Robertson-Anderson Ė At the First Presbyterian Church, Southorange, New Jersey, on 2nd October 1915, by the Rev. Dr. Burrell, Ian Robertson, C.A., youngest son of the late Rev. James Robertson, Bruntsfield U.F. Church, to Elizabeth (Dot), daughter of the late James Anderson, Edinburgh. Address, 98 Rainsford Road Toronto

Thus we learn that early residents at 98 Rainsford Road, from 1915, were Ian and Elizabeth (Dot) Anderson. Although the families came from Edinburgh, Scotland (Bruntsfield is part of Edinburgh), the happy couple were apparently married in South Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A. and moved to Canada.

Jean Collinsís mother bought 98 Rainsford in 1942 and she lived there until she married James in June 1954. They lived on Silverbirch for three months, when Jeanís mother persuaded them to move in with her, and they have lived at 98 Rainsford Road ever since. We donít know whether Jeanís mother bought the house from Ian and Dot Robertson or notÖ Thereís more research to be done!

In June 2004, James and Jean Collins celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them from the BTRA Executive.