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A Note from Mary-Margaret McMahon, City Councillor-Elect, Ward 32

By Mary-Margaret McMahon

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We have been swamped with calls and emails wishing us well and we will invite you all to regular Town Hall meetings at the local libraries in January so we can take your concerns to city hall.

We are eager to get busy on better customer service, a balanced budget and transit as a high priority. In the past 20 years transit demand has been up 45% while added capacity has been just 18%. Better transit could reduce our 80-minute commute, help save some of more than $3 billion per year in lost productivity and take cars off the roads.

We will push for investigation of empty City-owned houses in Ward 32 and the management of City leased premises that have been sitting unused for several years. We are already immersed in several difficult local development projects. We will investigate how to work with developers on future projects in the earlier stages to preserve the character of our neighbourhoods and save everyone red tape.

We will ask for a review of the way City Hall awards contracts and are now assessing the best course of action regarding the boardwalk agreement. We will be proposing different ways to use schools as community hubs for all ages at all hours, with reduced bureaucracy around permits and more.

Thank you for your support and thank you in advance for your participation.