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Updates on the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant

By Edythe Gerrard and David Windrim
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It is important to note that the city has regulations about chemicals but not smells. If you note an odour please call 311 and report it. They do keep records. When all the renovations on the site are complete, they expect 95% odour control.

There were 15 overflow events last year. This does not mean sewage goes directly into the lake. It does go through a primary cleaning but misses the secondary cleaning.

Although no longer in use, the smokestack will be staying. Some stacks have been in service for over a hundred years.

Buildings M and T in the park are nearly complete. T building (the round one) has had a new piece added to the top. It holds new scrubbers.

D building in the Ashbridges bay section collects waste water from M and T buildings. This is still under construction as part of an $81 million contract. Some of the equipment will be in service this summer. As an example of the new equipment, the screens that remove grit have been changed from " to ".

P building (like D) has parts that have been in service since the 1920s. This is a $20 million dollar project. They will take the building back to the walls and rebuild it starting in the summer/fall of 2012. Construction will take about three years.

The restoration of the holding tanks is waiting selection by the city of an engineering form.