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Basement Flooding: An Increasing Concern

John Ellis

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The increased frequency of basement flooding isn't only an issue for our neighbours south of Queen Street. Homes in the Triangle have now been designated by the city as being in a Basement Flooding Zone. Even if your home hasn't had the awful experience of basement flooding, the city points out that as homeowners increasingly install prevention devices, there is increased pressure on the sewer system, making your home more susceptible to flooding.

Another possible consequence of being in a Basement Flooding Zone is that home insurance companies might, at the renewal date, begin to withdraw Sewer Back-up coverage, and/or increase premiums, or even find reasons to withdraw coverage altogether.

The city is offering subsidies up to $3,200 per household to retrofit residential properties, including installation of backwater valves and sump pumps. Complete information is available at A Home Flood Prevention Assessment is available free of charge, which includes a drainage system assessment both inside and outside of the home, on-the-spot advice, written recommendations, and reference material.

Participation in this program requires building permits and City of Toronto inspections. Funding is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. To be placed on a waiting list, call 1-800-392-6097 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.)

The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association ( has a committee working with the city on storm sewer upgrades and related projects. Regrettably, work on sewer upgrades isn't scheduled to commence until 2015.