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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Chairperson's Report - 2007

By Ingrid Furtado

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Once again, your Beach Triangle Residents Association has had a busy year. Some of the activities we have been involved with this past year are summarized below.

The BTRA has:

It's fair to say that we have been busy! The reasons why the BTRA continues to be effective, where other organizations have struggled, bears repeating:

  1. Defining issue: The serious negative impact of the racetrack and subsequent concerns about the Greenwood Teletheatre caused residents to band together.
  2. Ongoing issues: Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant and other environmental concerns.
  3. Core Veterans: People who "know the ropes" and care enough to volunteer.
  4. New Blood: People with new skills and enthusiasm to learn the ropes and offer expanded perspectives.

The complete By-laws may be seen at: or by requesting a printed copy.