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Chairperson’s Report 2010

By Ingrid Furtado

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As my Chairperson responsibilities are handed over to Hans Looije (pronounced “loya”, by the way!), I’m pleased to once again report on the BTRA activities during the year from July 2009 to the end of June 2010.

As usual, your BTRA had a busy year but this past year was special. January marked 25 years of service to the neighbourhood and two events celebrated this milestone:

The dance and Funfest also tied in to the 25 year history another way because, when the BTRA was formed in 1985, there was clear recognition that the association’s role was more than ‘fighting city hall’ – it also included getting neighbours together to get to know each other through social events. It’s exciting to see this energy and enthusiasm again at work in our Triangle.

Our resident historian has organized 25 years of files and is busy writing the association’s history. This is a big job, so we have chosen to publish it in installments on the web site. Check there periodically for the latest chapter.

Another encouraging aspect of this historic rejuvenation is the new volunteers that are making it happen. We’re thrilled to welcome election of Jennifer Hamilton, Shari Smith-Doudelet and Tanya Vancea to the BTRA Board during the Annual General Meeting held on June 2nd.

During the year our activities included the following:

The reasons the BTRA continues to be effective, while other organizations have struggled, bear repeating:

In conclusion, I thank my colleagues on the board for their support in our endeavours. But I want to return to our 25th Anniversary theme by singling out two board members, David Windrim and Layton Stewart, who were Founding Members of the BTRA and have served on the board ever since. I also recognize the valued participation of Terra McKenna who, unfortunately, was unable to seek re-election. Finally, on behalf of the entire board, thank you, Triangle residents, for your interest, feedback and support.