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Checked Out the BTRA Website Lately?

By Keith Schengili-Roberts

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In addition to this newsletter, the BTRA also hosts its own website, which can be found at: Itís been around since 2006 and regularly attracts hundreds of visits every month.

The website has an extensive archive detailing news and events that have happened in and around the Triangle region dating back to the mid-1980s. The most popular articles on the site have to do with local policing news, community events and John Ellisí extensive Home History series, which details the lives that have been lived in many of the century-old houses in the Triangle region.

It is also obvious from combing throught the logs that many future prospective neighbours are reading the articles on the site to get a sense as to what life in the Triangle (and the Beaches as a whole) is like, with visits from all over Canada, the United States and the rest of the World.

Look for more changes on the site soon as we plan to move to a more dynamic online publication platform early in 2013. Looking for the latest news and developments affecting your neighbourhood? Please check us out at:!