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Queen/Rainsford Condo Forum December 8th

By Chris Blythe

Have the community's concerns been heard?

About a year ago an application was filed with the City to approve the development of a six-storey, mixed-use, condominium to replace existing buildings at 1864 - 1876 Queen St. East — that's the north-east corner of Queen and Rainsford Rd.

At the time, the proposal asked for one level of below grade parking, commercial units on the ground floor, and 28, 2-bedroom, residential units above. Forty-nine parking spaces and one loading dock were planned.

But several concerns were expressed by local residents during a well-attended community information meeting held last March. (Detailed in the Spring '08 Triangle Topics: www.beachtriangle. com/rainsford-and-queen.php) Among many other details provided at the meeting, it was revealed that the features outlined in the application were not yet finalised: That the number of units, both residential and commercial, may vary and even the addition of another complete storey was not out of the question.

Since that time little has been heard. Over the summer the most noticeable characteristic of this project has been the utter silence! Most of the existing buildings on the site have been emptied and some on-site sample drilling was carried out this summer: soil samples, we assume.

One of the previously empty units has recently been re-commissioned as what appears to be a scooter dealer. Does this mean the project is delayed? Has it even been approved?

No one seems to know.

To this end, Councillor Bussin has just organised a second community information meeting, December 8, 7-9 PM at the Mennonite New life Centre (Queen and Lark). City planning staff and the project applicant will reportedly attend to provide an update and answer questions.