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Doors Open in the Triangle

By Edythe Gerrard

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Well, the church's second Door Open is coming up May 25 and 26. The young lady who organized it last year did a great job. She had a handout that explained the magnificent stained glass windows, including the one designed by former Beach resident and internationally renowned artist, William Kurelek. People may not know who Kurelek is but they surely know he must be special when you explain what his work sells for today.

The sun makes the windows ablaze with colour, especially oranges and reds. The small details are wonderful, such as the pelican (a symbol of Christ), a group of bees, flowers, and symbol messages with which we may not be familiar as much as people were in the past. My favourites are the message "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" and the one with the soldier being carried to heaven wrapped in a Union Jack.

During Doors Open last year, a lady asked me in a whisper if I could explain the windows and what stories they tell. A boy, aged six or seven, asked "What do you do here?" A tough question and I didn't think he wanted me to say I come here because it is quiet and provides a chance to meditate for a bit. Instead, I tried to explain the functions of the church, and he listened carefully. He was also intrigued by the bowl of water at the front (it was a baptism Sunday). There was a surprised look on his face when I said we baptize babies and pour water on their heads. Another small boy wanted to know what we did with the baby Jesus.

It is odd to try to explain a building you take for granted. Every week (or so) you come here for an hour to sit, and never really study it. I enjoyed the process of learning about a place that was so familiar to me.