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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Fall 2009 Newsletter

New Triangle Condominium Approved
At City Council meetings on September 30 and October 1, the City approved the development of a six-storey, mixed-use, condominium to replace existing buildings at 1864 - 1876 Queen St. East - at the north-east corner of Queen and Rainsford Rd. This decision... [More]

Local Residents Get Outdated Parking Regulations Changed
The Beach Triangle is unique in many ways. We are a community within a community. We have our own resident’s association. We are rich with history and community pride. We also, until recently, were almost the only community in Ontario... [More]

Beach Triangle Residents Association AGM: Soon 25 Years Old and Still Going Strong
The Beach Triangle Residents Association (BTRA) enjoyed a good turnout for their Annual General Meeting held in the Corpus Christi Church Meeting Room on Wednesday, June 3rd. President Ingrid Furtado, supported by Committee Chairs, reported a busy year highlighted by the following activities... [More]

"Beach Solar" Formed
A group of Beach neighbourhood residents have formed Beach Solar, an initiative to aid Beach residents and businesses to cost effectively adopt environmentally sensitive methods for improving energy efficiency. The BTRA has been participating... [More]

A Friendly Reminder
When is it illegal to wash your car? Well, when you're a Toronto resident and you're in your driveway, but there are options... [More]

Farewell and Hello, Hello Again!
The Collins family moved from their home at 57 Rainsford Road after about 40 years of living there. David and Grace Chan left their home at 50 Rainsford several years ago... [More]

2nd Annual Beach Triangle Funfest was a Great Success!
We held our 2nd annual Beach Triangle Funfest on Saturday, September 12th in the Corpus Christi church parking lot and it was a fantastic success! Funds raised at the event supported the Tourettes foundation. Our resident DJ - Mad Dog from 99.9 was our MC for the event and we had amazing Silent Auction items generously donated by... [More]

Home History: The 'Queen' of the Triangle's Grand Old Ladies
The Triangle boasts several grand old houses on the corners of its intersections but, in my opinion, the 'Queen' is 82 Dixon on the northwest corner of Dixon and Rainsford. Current owner, Kate Langford, asked for a look into the history of her home. 82 Dixon has several features... [More]

Save the Date – Saturday, February 13th, 2010, Love Your Neighbour Wine & Cheese Night
We will be hosting an evening of fun, mingling and dancing with your neighbours on the above date in the Corpus Christi Hall (Lower Level). Mad Dog from 99.9 will be volunteering his DJ services... [More]

Right to Know Bylaw
On December 1, 2008 Toronto City Council adopted an Environmental Reporting, Disclosure and Innovation Program. The program includes a new bylaw that will require businesses and City operations to publicly report their use and release of 25 hazardous chemicals. The reporting bylaw will come into effect on... [More]

Neighbourhood Watch for the Triangle?
Recently in our little community there have been a few break-ins, vandalized properties and front porch theft. We are trying to put together a "Neighbourhood Watch Program" in the Triangle. What we are looking for is a "Captain" on each street. We need someone to volunteer... [More]

BTRA's Archives Now Online!
One of the items of interest that appeared at the FunFest over the summer was a scrapbook containing old newsletters, yard sale signs, dance(!) posters and other newsy items from almost 25 years of the BTRA’s existence. If you are interested in... [More]