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New in the Neighbourhood: "Friends of Woodbine Park" (FoWP)

By Martina Rowley, Founder & Facilitator of FoWP
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We Beachers love our beautiful neighbourhood, the lakeshore, trees, and green spaces. Now there is a new group eager to make their local park even nicer. Introducing: Friends of Woodbine Park (FoWP).

Over one year ago, yours truly began negotiations with City Parks to get more trees and shrubs into the neglected and bland park's north-east end at Queen & Eastern. This spring, two new plant beds on the berm and the main northern cross-path are already showing off 600 new shrubs and flowers, 300 daffodils, and 41 trees. By June, another 81 trees will be planted around the main perimeter down to the playground.

In February and March, we held two community information sessions in partnership with Greening Ward 32 and the green team at #9 Boardwalk. Various presenters from City Parks and other park groups spoke of the positive impact of, and provided

ideas for fun community engagement. At a third meeting in April, we got down to business and formed several work groups to define and pursue some specific ideas. These are:

  1. Adventure Playground - for older children 8-10 years+
  2. Events & Programming - for adult and family activities in the park
  3. Garden - for a beautiful and calming place to sit and socialise
  4. Gateway Entrance - for an improved visual entrance into the park and Beach

Individual coordinators will start holding smaller meetings to plan these aspects in more detail including, for example design ideas, plants, hardscaping, funding, maintenance, and permits. Overall group meetings of FoWP will continue and will be announced in the Beach Metro News and via our e-mail list.

Join us at the next meeting to find out more and hear about the community vision! For details, e-mail Martina at