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The BTRA Lawn Sale: Sat. May 26th 2007

By David Windrim

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Rather than discarding items as "junk," try selling them at the BTRA lawn sale - it can be a profitable and fun way to recycle items. Check with friends, relatives, and neighbours to see if they would like to join you in the sale or have anything you can sell for them. More sellers means less work, and a larger inventory means more buyers.

Promotional details
To attract customers for you, the BTRA places and pays for sale notices: Things You Can Do:
Be Organized
Be an Effective Seller
Have Fun!

For many people in the Triangle, the annual sale is also a social event. Arrange a potluck supper with some of your neighbours afterwards, where you can all unwind and talk about the event.

Contributions to the BTRA!
The BTRA asks all sellers to contribute 20% of their revenues to assist the association with the cost of advertising and promotion, and community work. Envelopes bearing instructions for making your donation will be left with each sale operator on the day of the event. We wish you good weather and good selling during this annual community event. Thank you for your participation.