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Local History and Heritage

By John Ellis, President, The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society

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Great energy has been demonstrated by The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society (TBETHS) since its re-birth last August. Since then, the Board of Directors has held six board meetings, and moved on several fronts:

With the decisions taken at the AGM, the newly-elected Board of Directors will be able to continue the important work of further stabilizing TBETHS, and build a strong bank balance to enable planning and development of programs to expand and share the history of our treasured Beach community.

On the heritage front, the Beach Heritage Conservation Committee is working with city Heritage Preservation Services (HPS) to arrange the long-awaited ‘walk about’ on Queen Street East (QSE) in the Beach from Coxwell to Nursewood. HPS personnel have been very impressed with the work done by the committee, including the ‘drive-through’ video and the 135-page, block-by-block profile of both sides of QSE across the entire Beach, featuring closer examination of notable heritage sites. These initiatives are designed to encourage funding approval for a study to consider naming QSE in the Beach, either in whole or in part, a Heritage Conservation Area, with strong protection for heritage sites.