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More Sewage Work

By Hans Looije

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Many of the buildings at the Ashbridges Bay Sewage Treatment Plant have now been made air tight to contain all the smell. The last phase of covering the treatment beds is yet to be finished. If on a warm summer day, you smell foul odor, do not hesitate to call the city at 311 to report it.

The next major work to be done at the plant will be the elimination of the use of chlorine to treat the effluent pumped out into the lake. This is good news for the fish in the lake and the people close to the railway along which the chlorine tankers travel.

What is pumped out into the lake will now have to undergo ultra-violet (UV) light treatment to kill all the bacteria.

Other work at the plant in the future will include replacement of the old pump houses and the building of a separate storm water treatment facility.