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New Triangle Condominium Approved

By Ingrid Furtado

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At City Council meetings on September 30 and October 1, the City approved the development of a six-storey, mixed-use, condominium to replace existing buildings at 1864 - 1876 Queen St. East - at the north-east corner of Queen and Rainsford Rd.

This decision came after the Toronto and East York Community Council public meeting of September 15, 2009 where a large number of concerned Triangle residents turned out to voice their concerns around loss of sun and privacy, strain on existing infrastructure and the questionable benefit of allowing an additional two storeys over the current four storey height restriction. Members of Council listened to the concerns expressed by members of the community and also outlined to the residents the City's policies for re-urbanization along city "Avenues". (Our strip of Queen Street is classified as an "Avenue" by City Planners and is therefore slated for further densification/intensification.)

A subsequent working session between the City's Planning Division, Councillor Bussin, the developer, and a small working group of residents took place on September 24, 2009. At this session, the developer committed to further set back a portion of the second, third and fourth floors of the north face of the proposed building. These minor changes assist in addressing some of the concerns raised by the community and were incorporated into the zoning by-law amendment. The residents were also assured that the new condominium would not house a bar and that a construction management liaison committee would be in place to address any issues that might arise during the construction phase.

Based on discussions with the developer, the new building is slated to break ground in spring of 2010. Sales of the condominiums are to begin within the next few weeks.

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