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Online Bicycle Registration Program

By David Windrim

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Recently I visited a couple of the larger bicycle retail outlets in the City looking for a new bike and was amazed to see that prices currently range from $250. to $5,000. Specialty racing bikes can exceed $10,000. It is easy to see why bicycle theft and resale is such a thriving business in the City of Toronto and the Beach Community is not immune to bicycle theft.

The numbers of bikes stolen keep increasing each year and each year hundreds of bikes are recovered by police. However, a number are not claimed as many residents may not have been able to identify the bikes with serial numbers, types of bikes or bike frames.

There is a free registration process that will help you identify your bike if recovered. Also remember to keep your bikes locked somewhere out of plain view and keep garage doors closed and locked at all times so as not to advertise what you have stored inside.

Chief William Blair has launched a new Toronto Police Service (TPS) online bicycle registration program. The new online system makes it very easy for bicycle owners to register their bikes online. A bicycle icon on the TPS home page provides direct access to the registration form. A new bicycle-registration and theft-prevention pamphlet has also been created. Copies are available online or at Division 55, 101 Coxwell Ave. For people who do not have Internet access, the pamphlet includes a registration form which can be completed and dropped off at any Toronto police station.

While more than 50,000 bicycles have been registered with the TPS so far, it is expected the new system should increase that number significantly. There is no need for those who have already registered their bikes with the TPS to re-register. Your bicycle registration number can be found on the bottom of the crank housing of the bike frame, it is stamped into the metal. You can reach the Bicycle Registration site at or inquiries may be made by calling Division 55 at 416-808-5500. Be sure to take the time to register your bikes as a positive step toward protection of your valuable property.