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Local Residents Get Outdated Parking Regulations Changed

By Laura Inward

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The Beach Triangle is unique in many ways. We are a community within a community. We have our own resident's association. We are rich with history and community pride. We also, until recently, were almost the only community in Ontario to be restricted to one-hour parking. The one-hour parking restriction had been brought to the community in the 1980's when the racetrack and its followers used our streets to park their cars. Limiting parking to one-hour was a reasonable deterrent that allowed the Triangle community to maintain some control over parking availability. As the hands of time moved on, the racetrack went away and the land was used for housing for our neighbours to the south. However, the parking restriction stayed. Gone were the horses and the stables and the jockeys and the eager spectators. They were replaced by the parking police! Residents, guests or local shoppers who happened to stay in their street spots for more than 60 minutes were quickly ticketed! $30 per violation. Local dinner parties often went something like this...pre-dinner to curb to move move car...more to curb to...oops, too much socializing...$30 ticket! In the spring, a group of local residents, with the support of the BTRA, began a survey process to determine if the community supported changing the local parking regulations from one hour to the more standard three-hour parking limit. The surveyors received signatures in favour of the change and opposing the change. 461 signatures were received with a total response rate of 63.09% (percentage of total homes that indicated support/opposition to the change).

Despite a handful of residents opposed to the change, the support for a change to a three-hour parking limit was overwhelming. Over 93% of the respondents supported the change to a three-hour parking limit. These respondents included both owners and renters, and those with on-site parking and those with permits. On September 15th the action to change the parking regulation back to a three-hour limit was taken to community council by Sandra Bussin. The request was approved. In an email message from David McCully, assistant to Sandra Bussin, on October 29th, Mr. McCully indicates that the signage was changed on October 20th. Ticketing should be stopped. Any tickets received after this date should be addressed to David McCully at: . We offer a vote of special thanks to the surveyors who dedicated many hours to the completion of this task for our community:

Lynn Wilson, Jennifer August, Peter DeMarco, Mike Barbieri, Kate Langford, Deborah Etsten, Kathryn Phillips, Pat Silver, Laura Inward