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Parking Progress

By John Ellis and Hans Looije

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In the spring edition of Triangle Topics, we raised the question of whether Triangle residents support a three hour, no towing parking standard to replace the headache and great expense our visitors presently experience if they stay more than an hour, only to find that their car has been towed.

We got enthusiastic response. There are presently four residents on Rainsford Road who are prepared to participate in a poll to try to persuade the city to change the rules, and others have expressed interest.

We checked with Councillor Bussinís office to learn what kind of response is necessary for the city to consider making this change. This information, and advice from Lynn Wilson on Rainsford, led us to propose the following:

We donít recommend doing this in the winter! Also, we need time to assemble enough canvassers and assign streets.

When we achieve 85% support, Councillor Bussin will assist us in having the petition placed before City Council for amendment of the By-law.

Your help is critically needed! Please contact any BTRA board member from the list in this newsletter.