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President's Report

By Hans Looije

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First, a comment about timing of this newsletter. Your BTRA Board of Directors agreed to postpone distribution until February in order to include up-to-date information regarding the recent Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision. Under normal circumstances, Triangle Topics will continue to be distributed as scheduled, in May and November.

When the OMB decision was handed down regarding the proposed development on the old Shell site, all parties had 30 days to appeal it. The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (GBNA), upon the advice of legal counsel, has decided that there are enough grounds to appeal. The City's legal and planning departments appear to have lost interest in fighting for community interests at the Queen/Woodbine corner, apparently hoping that the OMB-approved developments (including 'Licks') do not set a precedent for any future developments along Queen Street East. The GBNA will continue to fight to support the Urban Design Guidelines adopted in 2012.

On the construction front, condo owners have started moving into Rainsford One, the old Licks Restaurant has been demolished, and Reserve Properties say that the new LCBO beside the Bellefair Church condo project should be open by February.

Not all condo developments in the area have been opposed. For example, the local communities have welcomed the Beach Hill condominium at Woodbine and Gerrard, and the proposed condo at Woodbine and Danforth.

After years of pressure from residents on both sides of Woodbine, the City has finally agreed to install a crosswalk at Columbine and Woodbine. It will consist of a pedestrian-controlled stoplight similar to the one on Lake Shore Road near the pool. Congratulations to the people who worked so hard for this.

The TTC track construction on Kingston Road has been completed and we have been promised that the road will not be torn up again for at least five years. The track work on Leslie Street between Queen and Commissioner's will take another year and then we will be seeing the new streetcars rolling along Queen.