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R.I.P. BTRA Annual Yard Sale 1985-2008

By David Windrim

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This memo is to say farewell to the Beach Triangle Residents Association’s Annual Community Lawn Sale. The first event was held in 1985 on the last Saturday in May and was a roaring success. So much so in fact that the BTRA Executive decided to hold another Sale on the same day of the following year and that is how it came to be an annual event. As time passed the Sale became a “must be there event” for a large number of shoppers from Ward 9 in the Beach as well as from adjoining Wards. At its prime the sale would produce as many as 45 to 65 vendors supported by both front porch bands and a traveling troupe of clowns courtesy of Pat Silver plus food vendors. Shoppers would mark this date in their calendars well in advance of the actual event.

I remember one year posting For Sale signs on my Pontiac Station Wagon parked at the curb in front of my house at the corner of Lockwood and Dixon. It was sold before noon to a shopper who had come in from Scarborough. He commented that he attended the sale every year and never expected to buy a car at a Lawn Sale. The development of the new community at the racetrack site resulted in about 1200 new residences and a new group to represent them, the Woodbine Park Resident’s Association. They decided to join with us in hosting the sale over the expanded community.

The popularity of the event grew proportionately as the number of combined vendors increased by more than 50%. Beginning in 2005, The Yard Sale for the Cure was scheduled to occur on the same day, the last Saturday in May. This event has been outstandingly successful in raising money to fight cancer. The BTRA Executive has decided to discontinue our event and let all of the money raised on that day be used to fight cancer. We have many fond memories spanning the 23 years of the Beach Triangle Annual Community Lawn Sale; we will look to new ways to generate funds for our activities.