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Remembering Triangle Pioneers

By John Ellis and Jennifer Hamilton

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Father Joseph Platt lived all of his life in the Beach, and most of it in the Triangle. According to his sister, Ursula Reid, herself now 91 years old, the family lived first on Columbine, then on the west side of Lockwood, then on Balsam, Leslie, back to Columbine, and finally back to Lockwood. In 2008 Father Platt was honoured for 60 years as a priest. Born in 1922, he passed away on September 17, 2011 at 89 years of age. Father Platt was a true Triangle pioneer who is sorrowfully missed.

Joseph Reinsinger, a long-time resident at 52 Columbine Avenue, passed away the first week of July. He was a kind and eccentric gentleman who lived on his own for a very long time. A familiar figure, he was always walking or riding transit about our Queen Street Village with his packsack on his back - always eager to stop for a chat. He was a strong and vocal advocate for the Triangle neighbourhood and the Beach community, and very tuned in to environmental concerns. Although he recently appeared more hunched over than before, he seemed as energetic as always. We're surprised and sorrowed to hear of his death.