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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Spring 2009 Newsletter

Enthusiastic Residents Conduct Parking Poll
A committee of Triangle residents was brought together in April to conduct a poll on all interior streets in the Triangle to test resident interest in changing the one-hour parking limit, dating back to problems... [More]

TTC Rush Hour Extension Proposal... Your Opinion is Requested
The BTRA Board has joined with other area residents associations (RA) in meeting monthly with the Beach Business Improvement Association (BBIA). An important item at the April 21 BBIA/RA meeting was a proposal from the TTC to increase the rush hour by... [More]

Volunteers Needed for 2nd Annual Beach Triangle Funfest: September 12, 2009
Due to the success of our 2008 Triangle Funfest, we will once again be holding the event in coordination with our local Beach partners. Keep an eye open for our flyer in your mailbox... [More]

Queen Condo - Community Consultation Meeting
The Community Consultation Meeting at the Beaches Library on March 23 was specifically with regard to "Application to Demolish Rental Housing", related to the proposed condo development at 1862 to 1876 Queen East. Facilitators were... [More]

Emerald Ash Borer Still Devastating Trees in Toronto
The Emerald Ash borer is still devastating trees within the Toronto area and was recently (February 2009) detected in Hamilton, ON. The best way to keep our Ash trees safe from this insect is to limit transportation and use of Ash species from wood packaging, nursery stock, firewood and... [More]

Live Green Toronto Meeting a Great Success!
What is a Community Animator?", I wondered as I joined about 50 people representing a wide variety of community groups in registering at the Information Session sponsored by Councillors Sandra Bussin and Janet Davis at W.S. Stewart Library on May 4th. Martina Rowley, Community Animator for Live Green Toronto, took us through a review... [More]

No More Breathing Room: Speak Up or Hold Your Breath
In 2004, 250 local residents filled the auditorium at the Fire Academy for presentation of the conclusions of the Biosolids Master Plan. The six community members who had dedicated fourteen years to the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Environmental Assessment couldn't believe their ears when they heard Lou Di Gironimo, Manager of Toronto Water, conclude that incineration was back on... [More]

Home History: The Hidden Twins... 1878 and 1880 Queen Street East
Two of the oldest houses on Queen Street in the Triangle, 1878 and 1880, are now almost totally hidden by urban growth. These houses show up clearly in the photo taken in about 1906 from the fire hall tower but now barely discernible. The c.1906 photo reveals only four buildings on the north side of Queen... [More]

Police Liaison Report
The 55 Division Community Police Liaison Committee is made up of community volunteers and police service representatives who work together in identifying, prioritizing, and problem-solving local policing issues. Your BTRA Executive has actively monitored committee developments for many years. Among topics reported at recent meetings... [More]