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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Spring 2012 Newsletter

Neighbourhood Groups Win Development Changes
The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (GBNA) is incorporated to concentrate and reinforce the views of local associations in seeking the best possible development planning. The GBNA has as members virtually all local residents associations, including the BTRA, and are also ... [More]

Goodbye Jim and Minn
The BTRA would like to say farewell to two long-time triangle-area residents who passed away recently. Jim Edwards was a member of the BTRA for many years, and he was the one who would call and remind us of upcoming meetings. He and his wife Sally lived on Queen Street and later ... [More]

"Love Thy Neighbour" 2012 Another Great Success
The Triangle Community Foundation hosted its 3rd annual "Love thy Neighbour" event in February. Neighbours from the Triangle and beyond gathered for dancing, wine, treats and fun! Event highlights included ... [More]

Neighbourhood Crime Update
Auto theft and theft from autos is down in 55 Division due to targeted enforcement, part of a general reduction in crime throughout the division. Arrests have also been made in a recent rash of auto break-ins. The division has also been focusing on... [More]

Community Policing: Crime Reporting
You may have noticed more uniformed officers on the street. An enhanced police services strategy in 55 Division now encourages neighbourhood patrol officers to leave the cars more often and interact with the community. What's more, input from patrol officers is now ... [More]

Updates on the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant
It is important to note that the city has regulations about chemicals but not smells. If you note an odour please call 311 and report it. They do keep records. When all the renovations on the site are complete, they expect 95% odour control. There were 15 overflow events last year. This does not mean ... [More]

Bicycle Lane Bylaw Sets Auto Fine
On February 6th 2012, Toronto City Council adopted a motion to relieve rush hour congestion due to unlawful stopping, standing and parking. One part of this motion is for the increase of the set fine for the illegal stopping of vehicles (other than a bicycle) in bicycle lanes. The fine for this offence is ... [More]

Home History: 1800 Queen Street East
1800 Queen Street East, owned by Edythe Gerrard, is one of the four or five oldest houses in the Triangle. The very useful photo taken from the Fire Hall tower in 1902 shows only the two houses on Queen near Woodbine (still standing), the odd building formerly on the corner of Rainsford Road (demolished to make way for the condo)... [More]

New in the Neighbourhood: "Friends of Woodbine Park" (FoWP)
We Beachers love our beautiful neighbourhood, the lakeshore, trees, and green spaces. Now there is a new group eager to make their local park even nicer. Introducing: Friends of Woodbine Park (FoWP). Over one year ago, yours truly began negotiations with City Parks to get more trees and shrubs ... [More]

Triangle Resident Continues Musical Tradition
Countermeasure A Cappella, the group started by Triangle lifelong resident John-Michael Erlendson, will be presenting their highly acclaimed concert at the Green Door Cabaret, 100A Ossington Street on Friday, June 22 at 8 p.m. The 17-member group delivers ambitious and innovative arrangements of pop, jazz, original and world music. John-Michael grew up in ... [More]