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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Spring 2013 Newsletter

Basement Flooding: An Increasing Concern
The increased frequency of basement flooding isn't only an issue for our neighbours south of Queen Street. Homes in the Triangle have now been designated by the city as being in a Basement Flooding Zone. Even if your home hasn't had the awful experience of basement flooding, the city points out ... [More]

Beach Triangle Residents Association BY-LAW AMENDMENTS

To be considered by the membership at the Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 5th, 7:00 pm, Corpus Christi Church Basement

The Beach Triangle Residents Association (BTRA) last amended the association's By-laws in 2007. Recently, the BTRA Board of Directors reviewed the By-laws compared to Model Corporation By-laws and with consideration for Changes relative to the ways in which the association works in the community.

You are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to take an active role in adopting new By-laws for the BTRA. Following are the association's current By-laws and the proposed By-laws, as adopted by the BTRA Board of Directors for consideration for approval by the membership.


President's Report
Since the last newsletter, we have seen city council approve the new Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) for the Beach. This has resulted in the developers of 200 Woodbine (north-west corner of Queen and Woodbine) and of the former Shell station property ... [More]

More Sewage Work
Many of the buildings at the Ashbridges Bay Sewage Treatment Plant have now been made air tight to contain all the smell. The last phase of covering the treatment beds is yet to be finished. If on a warm summer day, you smell foul odor, do not hesitate to call the city at 311 to report it. The next major work to be done ... [More]

Please Stoop and Scoop After Your Dog!
As the snow melted, many residents noticed something unsightly in their parks: dog feces. An alarming amount of it. The BTRA has received a few emails from Triangle residents recently, complaining about taking their children to Jeff Sloan Community Parkette only to retreat ... [More]

Triangle History: Woodbine Club House Hotel
The histories of "Duggan's Hotel", "Woodbine Park", "Woodbine Park Club House", and Woodbine Race Course (later "Old Woodbine", "Greenwood Race Track", and, today, "Woodbine Park"), are closely linked to Joseph Duggan, who was born in Toronto 15 August, 1833 . At age 23, he married Susan Love, 19, on 3 July 1857. A daughter, Annie Noble, was born to them in 1866 ... [More]

A Tale of Two Tracks
On Wednesday March 27, I attended a TTC-sponsored meeting on the track construction along Leslie Avenue regarding resident's input into the project schedule and traffic flow. There was also a separate meeting with retailers, and another with industries along Commissioners Street. This work will begin ... [More]

Sauvignon Seeking Rainsford Patio
Stefan Poquet, co-owner of Sauvignon Bistro, attended the April 2 BTRA Board Meeting to present plans for a licence application to build a patio on city-owned property on Rainsford Road. He reported that four previous applications have been declined, largely due to failure to obtain ... [More]

Doors Open in the Triangle
Well, the church's second Door Open is coming up May 25 and 26. The young lady who organized it last year did a great job. She had a handout that explained the magnificent stained glass windows, including the one designed by former Beach resident and internationally renowned artist ... [More]