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TTC Rush Hour Extension Proposal... Your Opinion is Requested

By John Ellis/Chris Blythe

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The BTRA Board has joined with other area residents associations (RA) in meeting monthly with the Beach Business Improvement Association (BBIA). An important item at the April 21 BBIA/RA meeting was a proposal from the TTC to increase the rush hour by two hours to 3:00-7:00 p.m., and perhaps the morning rush hour as well, due to rush hour traffic delaying streetcar service.

The BBIA is absolutely opposed to the TTC proposal because it will discourage after-work shoppers from driving to Beach retailers, due to lack of parking on Queen. It is believed that most Queen Street rush hour traffic originates in Scarborough and beyond, and is trying to avoid Kingston Road congestion. There is concern that racing drivers in the curb lane will endanger school children and bicycle riders.

Alternatives include making it easier for afternoon drivers to get onto Kingston Rd., morning drivers to get onto Lakeshore or Eastern Avenue, and controls to discourage use of residential streets.

BBIA wants BTRA support to persuade councillors to not support the TTC proposals.

This is a tricky issue. On one hand, the TTC needs quick service, free of short turns, to encourage riders but, on the other, the TTC shouldn't be supporting anything that encourages use of autos. Also, many urban studies around the world have shown that any steps that make driving easier result in more traffic.

The BTRA Board wants to hear from Triangle residents on this issue. Call or email any board member (see the list in this newsletter)