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Treeing our Neighbourhood

By Jennifer Hamilton

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The BTRA has been discussing the importance and health of trees our community. At our June AGM we invited Mr. Dean Hart from the City of Toronto Urban Forestry Department. Mr. Hart presented information about the City strategies to maintain tree health and preserve and expand the city’s tree canopy. Most recently, we invited LIVEGREEN TORONTO/EcoSpark to discuss greening projects. The BTRA Executive was pleased to have Ms. Martina Rowley attend our October executive meeting.

Ms. Rowley provided information about other neighbourhood projects which have been successful in planting dozens of trees in various neighbourhoods across Toronto. Projects have ranged in size and scope and have achieved planting of up to 165 trees in some neighbourhoods. A recent initiative was very successful in the Leslieville/Riverdale neighbourhood. LiveGreen/EcoSpark has resources which we could access to support such an initiative in our community.

The BTRA executive will be seeking volunteers to participate in a Tree Project for our neighbourhood. As an older community, many of our front yard trees have been lost and many are nearing the end of their lives. Our first step is to get an inventory of what healthy and damaged trees the city has on record in the Triangle. Secondly we will be appointing a lead volunteer to lead a “Tree Project” in the Triangle. The project would likely involve:

In the meantime, what can you do?

Some websites that might be of interest:

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer to move this initiative forward, email us at: