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Beach Triangle Residents Association

Neighbourhood News and Information

The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Winter 2006 Newsletter

Stop the Portlands Powerplant
The BTRA Board is supporting the City of Toronto and the Toronto Energy Coalition (TEC) in a campaign to stop the Portlands Energy Centre (PEC) being pushed forward by the Government of Ontario. [More]

Teletheatre Liquor License Meeting Held
On September 29th the Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), operators of the Greenwood Teletheatre, invited the Beach Triangle and the Woodbine Park Residents Associations, Deputy Mayor/Councillor Sandra Bussin, and Richard Kulis, legal counsel representing the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), to a meeting to discuss ongoing plans. The results of the two-hour meeting were largely unsatisfying. [More]

Front Yard Parking By-law Passed
In July the new, GTA-wide, conditions on front yard parking were approved by City Council. These may be viewed at Following is a summary of the conditions. [More]

Community Environmental Assessment Team (CEAT) Meeting at the Fire Academy on October 16th
The City of Toronto must carry out an Environmental Assessment (EA) to decide a plan for managing its leftover garbage (residual waste). This is the waste remaining after making the most of efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. [More]

Triangle Photo History:
How times change!

Both of the following sets of images were taken from the top of the firehall tower: the top one depicting the Triangle as it appeared circa 1902 and, at bottom, a similar view from 2005.

Beach Triangle Panorama circa 1905
Beach Triangle Panorama circa 1905

Note in the 1902 picture the Woodbine (later Greenwood) Racetrack south of Queen and the almost total absence of homes in the Triangle. Contrast this to the 2005 shot depicting the massive Woodbine Park housing development and fully developed housing in the Triangle.

Beach Triangle Panorama 2005

Beach Triangle Panorama 2005

Do you know of the history of your home? Share it contact John Ellis at or at 416-694-3288.

Top photo courtesy of the Toronto Archives. Bottom photo courtesy of Beach-Metro News