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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Winter 2007 Newsletter

Annual Triangle Lawn Sale - A Success
The annual spring Triangle lawn sale was again a success. We were fortunate to have had lovely weather which helped achieve a strong turnout. In total, there were approximately 60 participants. We received 24 contribution envelopes and collected a total of $268. These proceeds were used to cover the advertising costs of the sale.

More Trees For the Triangle?
The Triangle and Trees. They are synonymous. But trees do age.
You may have noticed a lot of tree damage during storm events this year. This is because many of our trees are now reaching the end of their natural lives. Not just the trees in public spaces, but the trees in our yards too.
The City's tree experts have been long prepared for this and have been following a tree replacement strategy here for several years now. But it is not always easy. [More]

A Triangle Party?
As we all know, the Triangle is a community with great spirit! Many streets and laneways within the Triangle organize yearly get-togethers and other social events. In years past, the BTRA has helped to organize large-scale events for the Triangle neighbourhood as a whole, including Halloween parties, annual pumpkin carving contests for the children and Halloween costume parties for the adults, an outdoor barbeque event and dances at the Church. [More]

Home History - Eight Rainsford Road
Eight Rainsford Road is a classic Beach Triangle home. As you walk past you note the original roofed verandah and white Doric columns, the stained glass window over the large living room window and another to the right of the front door, the brick richly aged by almost 100 years of weathering. Looking up and you see the original second storey windows and a third floor dormer (wait, no it is an attic window with pretensions). [More]

Chairperson's Report - 2007
Once again, your Beach Triangle Residents Association has had a busy year. Some of the activities we have been involved with this past year are summarized as follows: [More]

Online Bicycle Registration Program
Recently I visited a couple of the larger bicycle retail outlets in the City looking for a new bike and was amazed to see that prices currently range from $250. to $5,000. Specialty racing bikes can exceed $10,000. It is easy to see why bicycle theft and resale is such a thriving business in the City of Toronto and the Beach Community is not immune to bicycle theft. [More]

The 5th Annual Triangle Brass Christmas Carol Event
Over the previous four years a few members from various local community bands have come together to perform an old Christmas tradition in the Beach Triangle: carol singing with brass accompaniment. [More]