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Beach Triangle Residents Association

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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Winter 2008 Newsletter

Beaches Triangle Funfest
The first annual Beach Triangle Funfest took place on Saturday, September 13th in the Corpus Christi Church Parking lot. The event raised funds for the ‘Children’s Make a Wish Foundation’. It was a great success thanks to the many residents who came out to show support for our wonderful neighbourhood. [More]

Queen/Rainsford Condo Forum December 8th
About a year ago an application was filed with the City to approve the development of a six-storey, mixed-use, condominium to replace existing buildings at 1864 - 1876 Queen St. East — that's the north-east corner of Queen and Rainsford Rd. At the time, the proposal asked for one level of below grade parking, commercial units... [More]

R.I.P. BTRA Annual Yard Sale 1985-2008
This memo is to say farewell to the Beach Triangle Residents Association’s Annual Community Lawn Sale. The first event was held in 1985 on the last Saturday in May and was a roaring success. So much so in fact that the... [More]

Portlands Energy Centre, Community Liaison Committee
George Smitherman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy & Infrastructure has said: "as Toronto continues to grow, we need to have a reliable source of energy in our own back yard. At the Portlands Energy Centre (PEC) meeting held on September 30th we discussed how the PEC is an essential piece of the plan to meet Toronto's energy requirement and secure its economic future. [More]

Home History: 1864 Queen Street East
If not derelict, definitely unloved. This is how one may view the curiously shaped, flat-roofed building on the northeast corner of Rainsford Road and Queen East in the Triangle. Now threatened with demolition to make way for a possible condo development, I decided to look into the history of this home before it is too late. [More]

Parking Progress
In the spring edition of Triangle Topics, we raised the question of whether Triangle residents support a three hour, no towing parking standard to replace the headache and great expense our visitors presently experience if they stay more than an hour, only to find that their car has been towed. [More]

Police Liaison Report
The 55 Division Community Police Liaison Committee is made up of community volunteers and police service representatives who work together in identifying, prioritizing, and problem-solving local policing issues. The BTRA Executive has actively monitored committee the most recent meeting in mid November. Extra officers have been brought on-board for the next several weeks to deal with a sudden increase in break and enter incidents in the area. [More]

"Assessment at the Top of the Market"
Statement from Bob Topp, Chairman Coalition After Property Tax Reform (CAPTR): In the midst of an economic crisis and a looming recession, Ontario property owners are now receiving their first assessment notices in three years. It is expected that the 2008 assessment will reflect major increases for most Ontario home owners. The three year period was one of buoyant... [More]

Chairperson's Report
The Beach Triangle Residents Association has had a busy year. Some of the activities we have been involved with this past year are summarized below. The BTRA has: