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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Winter 2014 Newsletter

President's Report
When the OMB decision was handed down regarding the proposed development on the old Shell site, all parties had 30 days to appeal it. The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (GBNA), upon the advice of legal counsel, has decided... [More]

Ontario Municipal Board Hearings: Condominiums at Queen and Woodbine
I have had some time now to digest what went on at the Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") hearing regarding the former Shell service station site during ten days in October. When the One Rainsford development was passed, the city removed... [More]

Residents Advised to be Cautious of Door-to-Door Water Testing
The City of Toronto has received complaints from Toronto residents who have been approached by companies offering door-to-door water tests or requesting water samples with the aim of selling... [More]

Beach History Preservation Rejuvenated
On October 29, a standing-room only crowd turned out at the Beaches Library meeting room for the first public meeting of The Beach & East Toronto Historical Society ("BETHS") to be held in three years. As President of the Interim Board of Directors, I welcomed the guests and then Glenn Chadwick, Program Convenor, introduced local historian... [More]

Port Lands
After environmental assessments and many studies, we may finally see some new development in the Port Lands. First things to happen will be at Cherry Street and the old Essarock... [More]

In Memoriam: Walter Chapman
You might not have known him well but if you have lived in the Triangle for any length of time, you knew of him. Walter Chapman lived in the home on lower Rainsford Road that was bought by his parents... [More]

Carol Singing Raises Money for Cancer Research
For several years now a group of Carol singers have braved the cold weather just before Christmas and sung carols and blared horns at our neighbours up the lower part of Brookmount, across Dixon, down Rainsford and across Queen Street. The caroling is done more... [More]

Christopher Blythe June 26, 1954-October 1, 2013
Chris Blythe, one of the staunchest leaders and defenders of Beach neighbourhood values, died tragically, much too young at age 59, at Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday, October 1st. He leaves his wife... [More]

1862 Queen Street East: Sauvignon Has a Pastů
Stefan Paquet, owner of Sauvignon Bistro at 1862 Queen Street East, told me he had something special - a photo of his premises, when it was Woodbine Market in 1915. This is indeed special... [More]

Cycle Toronto Ward 32
David Oppenheim, a local resident and member of Cycle Toronto Ward 32, is trying to make cycling easier through the Triangle. Presently if you come along Dundas... [More]

Staying Active In Winter
While we are so fortunate to live in a community with such rich outdoor opportunities, there is a rising concern about physical inactivity as we spend more and more time indoors with our electronic devices. According to the World Health Organization, lack of physical activity... [More]

Basement Flooding - Retraction
The Spring 2013 Triangle Topics article about Basement Flooding drew response from the city to point out errors: Our area is in Basement Flooding Study Area 32 (it hasn't been designated as a "Basement Flooding Zone"); installation of devices... [More]