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Beach Triangle Residents Association

Neighbourhood News and Information

The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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BTRA Board of Directors:

President: Hans Looije (

1st Vice President: John Ellis (

2nd Vice President: Keith Schengili-Roberts

Secretary: Lynn Wilson (

Treasurer: Layton Stewart

Directors at Large: Mira Claxton, Edythe Gerrard, Bill Hurst, Laura Inward, David Windrim

Committee Chairs:

Community Association Liaison: Hans Looije (

Zoning: Bill Hurst (

Forestry: Mira Claxton (

Environment/Waterfront: Chris Blythe (

Policing: Mira Claxton (

Newsletter Editor: Keith Schengili-Roberts (

Advertising: John Ellis (

Neighbourhood Watch: Mira Claxton (

Past Presidents (Active on the Board): John Ellis, Layton Stewart and David Windrim

Other Past Presidents: (Resident in the Triangle) Ingrid Furtado and Patricia Silver

*Jeff Levitt has resigned, due to professional responsibilities.