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The Beach Triangle Residents Association, Toronto, Ontario

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Stories from the Spring 2014 Newsletter

Planning 101
Thirty years ago, residents of the Triangle didn’t give much thought to city planning and zoning. Our big problem was the racetrack. We got zoning to keep out boarding houses and got one hour parking and towing. With the sale and development of the racetrack we got our first taste of 'planning'. Residents wanted more parkland, developers wanted... [More]

55 Division Community Police Liaison Committee
A new superintendent has been appointed to 55 Division. Peter Yuen is no stranger to this division and over the years has been posted to five different positions in our community. A strong advocate for community engagement, Superintendent Yuen shared a working document entitled, The Future of Community Partnerships with Toronto Police Service released in January 2014 which calls for... [More]

25 Family Gardening Ideas
Time in nature gives both parents and children time to be together in meaningful ways, reducing stress and providing shared opportunities that children may remember well into adulthood. Getting hands in the dirt will be a fun experience for the whole family. Whether you have space for a large garden or just a container, try some of these gardening activities! [More]

Gentle Infill
In Viet Nam there are many, many so-called skinny houses. These are from 12 to 15 feet wide and 4 to 5 storeys in height. They are multi-generational. On the ground level is a shop run by the elder(s) in the family assisted by other family members. On the second level are the middle aged parents. The third level houses... [More]

Local History and Heritage
Great energy has been demonstrated by The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society (TBETHS) since its re-birth last August. Since then, the Board of Directors has held six board meetings, and moved on several fronts... [More]

President's Report
As we come up to another Annual General meeting, it is time to look back on the past year. There are three vacancies on the board due to directors not seeking re-election: Keith Schengili-Roberts, Mira Claxton, and Layton Stewart (after 29 years of continuous service), and last year we lost a tireless volunteer in Chris Blythe... [More]

Home History: 50 Rainsford Road - Tradition to Limbo to Transformation
A hard-working immigrant family from Hong Kong, the Chan family consisted of David and Grace, and their sons, Philip and James. They lived at 50 Rainsford Road when my family moved into 52 Rainsford in 1973 and we were neighbours for about 25 years, until David and Grace became elderly and developed health problems that required them to move to a care facility... [More]

Home History: 118 Rainsford Road - A Pioneer’s Home
For the grand sum of $5,450 Lillian and Wesley Rowe bought 118 Rainsford Road in 1948 from her brother and his wife, George and Gladys Hanna, although they couldn’t move in until 1950. Sadly, Wes died in 1996, but Lil lived on there for sixty years – until April 2014! The house was built in 1913, a year in which a good deal of development... [More]

Stories from the Winter 2014 Newsletter

President's Report
When the OMB decision was handed down regarding the proposed development on the old Shell site, all parties had 30 days to appeal it. The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (GBNA), upon the advice of legal counsel, has decided... [More]

Ontario Municipal Board Hearings: Condominiums at Queen and Woodbine
I have had some time now to digest what went on at the Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") hearing regarding the former Shell service station site during ten days in October. When the One Rainsford development was passed, the city removed... [More]

Residents Advised to be Cautious of Door-to-Door Water Testing
The City of Toronto has received complaints from Toronto residents who have been approached by companies offering door-to-door water tests or requesting water samples with the aim of selling... [More]

Beach History Preservation Rejuvenated
On October 29, a standing-room only crowd turned out at the Beaches Library meeting room for the first public meeting of The Beach & East Toronto Historical Society ("BETHS") to be held in three years. As President of the Interim Board of Directors, I welcomed the guests and then Glenn Chadwick, Program Convenor, introduced local historian... [More]

Port Lands
After environmental assessments and many studies, we may finally see some new development in the Port Lands. First things to happen will be at Cherry Street and the old Essarock... [More]

In Memoriam: Walter Chapman
You might not have known him well but if you have lived in the Triangle for any length of time, you knew of him. Walter Chapman lived in the home on lower Rainsford Road that was bought by his parents... [More]

Carol Singing Raises Money for Cancer Research
For several years now a group of Carol singers have braved the cold weather just before Christmas and sung carols and blared horns at our neighbours up the lower part of Brookmount, across Dixon, down Rainsford and across Queen Street. The caroling is done more... [More]

Christopher Blythe June 26, 1954-October 1, 2013
Chris Blythe, one of the staunchest leaders and defenders of Beach neighbourhood values, died tragically, much too young at age 59, at Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday, October 1st. He leaves his wife... [More]

1862 Queen Street East: Sauvignon Has a Past…
Stefan Paquet, owner of Sauvignon Bistro at 1862 Queen Street East, told me he had something special - a photo of his premises, when it was Woodbine Market in 1915. This is indeed special... [More]

Cycle Toronto Ward 32
David Oppenheim, a local resident and member of Cycle Toronto Ward 32, is trying to make cycling easier through the Triangle. Presently if you come along Dundas... [More]

Staying Active In Winter
While we are so fortunate to live in a community with such rich outdoor opportunities, there is a rising concern about physical inactivity as we spend more and more time indoors with our electronic devices. According to the World Health Organization, lack of physical activity... [More]

Basement Flooding - Retraction
The Spring 2013 Triangle Topics article about Basement Flooding drew response from the city to point out errors: Our area is in Basement Flooding Study Area 32 (it hasn't been designated as a "Basement Flooding Zone"); installation of devices... [More]

Stories from the Spring 2013 Newsletter

Basement Flooding: An Increasing Concern
The increased frequency of basement flooding isn't only an issue for our neighbours south of Queen Street. Homes in the Triangle have now been designated by the city as being in a Basement Flooding Zone. Even if your home hasn't had the awful experience of basement flooding, the city points out ... [More]

Beach Triangle Residents Association BY-LAW AMENDMENTS

To be considered by the membership at the Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 5th, 7:00 pm, Corpus Christi Church Basement

The Beach Triangle Residents Association (BTRA) last amended the association's By-laws in 2007. Recently, the BTRA Board of Directors reviewed the By-laws compared to Model Corporation By-laws and with consideration for Changes relative to the ways in which the association works in the community.

You are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to take an active role in adopting new By-laws for the BTRA. Following are the association's current By-laws and the proposed By-laws, as adopted by the BTRA Board of Directors for consideration for approval by the membership.


President's Report
Since the last newsletter, we have seen city council approve the new Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) for the Beach. This has resulted in the developers of 200 Woodbine (north-west corner of Queen and Woodbine) and of the former Shell station property ... [More]

More Sewage Work
Many of the buildings at the Ashbridges Bay Sewage Treatment Plant have now been made air tight to contain all the smell. The last phase of covering the treatment beds is yet to be finished. If on a warm summer day, you smell foul odor, do not hesitate to call the city at 311 to report it. The next major work to be done ... [More]

Please Stoop and Scoop After Your Dog!
As the snow melted, many residents noticed something unsightly in their parks: dog feces. An alarming amount of it. The BTRA has received a few emails from Triangle residents recently, complaining about taking their children to Jeff Sloan Community Parkette only to retreat ... [More]

Triangle History: Woodbine Club House Hotel
The histories of "Duggan's Hotel", "Woodbine Park", "Woodbine Park Club House", and Woodbine Race Course (later "Old Woodbine", "Greenwood Race Track", and, today, "Woodbine Park"), are closely linked to Joseph Duggan, who was born in Toronto 15 August, 1833 . At age 23, he married Susan Love, 19, on 3 July 1857. A daughter, Annie Noble, was born to them in 1866 ... [More]

A Tale of Two Tracks
On Wednesday March 27, I attended a TTC-sponsored meeting on the track construction along Leslie Avenue regarding resident's input into the project schedule and traffic flow. There was also a separate meeting with retailers, and another with industries along Commissioners Street. This work will begin ... [More]

Sauvignon Seeking Rainsford Patio
Stefan Poquet, co-owner of Sauvignon Bistro, attended the April 2 BTRA Board Meeting to present plans for a licence application to build a patio on city-owned property on Rainsford Road. He reported that four previous applications have been declined, largely due to failure to obtain ... [More]

Doors Open in the Triangle
Well, the church's second Door Open is coming up May 25 and 26. The young lady who organized it last year did a great job. She had a handout that explained the magnificent stained glass windows, including the one designed by former Beach resident and internationally renowned artist ... [More]

Stories from the Winter 2012 Newsletter

Queen East Urban Design Guidelines
The Visioning Study for Queen Street East in the Beach led by our councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon, resulted in the formation of a Stakeholders' Advisory Committee (SAC), that met three times during the summer, augmented by three public meetings. The meetings were expertly facilitated by Swerhun & Associates, while James Parakh of the City Planning Department pulled the diverse opinions and ideas together into a plan ... [More]

Remembering Triangle Pioneers
Father Joseph Platt lived all of his life in the Beach, and most of it in the Triangle. According to his sister, Ursula Reid, herself now 91 years old, the family lived first on Columbine, then on the west side of Lockwood, then on Balsam, Leslie, back to Columbine, and finally back to Lockwood. In 2008 Father Platt was honoured ... [More]

Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Neighbourhood Liaison Committee
The BTRA Board has been in attendance at meetings of the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant. Neighbourhood Liaison Committee and the public meeting held on October 23rd. The city needs to replace the 60-year-old pumps that pump sewage into the treatment plant ... [More]

Traffic Chaos Coming
In April 2013 the TTC will start reconstruction of the Kingston road streetcar lines. This means that three of the four lanes of traffic will be closed in sections starting at the short turn loop near Queen and extending all the way to Victoria Park. There will be ... [More]

Chairperson's Report (Winter 2012)
In my second year as chair of the Beach Triangle Residents Association I thank all the volunteers who served on the board, and Jennifer Hamilton and Tanya Vancea who have left the board. I also thank the Triangle Community Group for the 2011 Funfest and 'Love Thy Neighbour' events that they organized. Some of the highlights of the past year include the following: ... [More]

Home History: 46 Dixon Avenue
46 Dixon is a handsomely renovated semi-detached house between Lockwood and Brookmount Avenues, the happy home of Anil Khera and his family. In looking for the history of the home and its first owners at the Toronto Archives, the Goads Atlas reveals that 46 Dixon was among the first ... [More]

Help Is Here @311
Have questions about city-related non-emergency services? 311 can help, Just dial 311 from anywhere in Toronto! Or send an e-mail! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.... [More]

Checked Out the BTRA Website Lately?
In addition to this newsletter, the BTRA also hosts its own website, which can be found at: It's been around since 2006 and regularly attracts hundreds of visits every month.... [More]

Stories from the Spring 2012 Newsletter

Neighbourhood Groups Win Development Changes
The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (GBNA) is incorporated to concentrate and reinforce the views of local associations in seeking the best possible development planning. The GBNA has as members virtually all local residents associations, including the BTRA, and are also ... [More]

Goodbye Jim and Minn
The BTRA would like to say farewell to two long-time triangle-area residents who passed away recently. Jim Edwards was a member of the BTRA for many years, and he was the one who would call and remind us of upcoming meetings. He and his wife Sally lived on Queen Street and later ... [More]

"Love Thy Neighbour" 2012 Another Great Success
The Triangle Community Foundation hosted its 3rd annual "Love thy Neighbour" event in February. Neighbours from the Triangle and beyond gathered for dancing, wine, treats and fun! Event highlights included ... [More]

Neighbourhood Crime Update
Auto theft and theft from autos is down in 55 Division due to targeted enforcement, part of a general reduction in crime throughout the division. Arrests have also been made in a recent rash of auto break-ins. The division has also been focusing on... [More]

Community Policing: Crime Reporting
You may have noticed more uniformed officers on the street. An enhanced police services strategy in 55 Division now encourages neighbourhood patrol officers to leave the cars more often and interact with the community. What's more, input from patrol officers is now ... [More]

Updates on the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant
It is important to note that the city has regulations about chemicals but not smells. If you note an odour please call 311 and report it. They do keep records. When all the renovations on the site are complete, they expect 95% odour control. There were 15 overflow events last year. This does not mean ... [More]

Bicycle Lane Bylaw Sets Auto Fine
On February 6th 2012, Toronto City Council adopted a motion to relieve rush hour congestion due to unlawful stopping, standing and parking. One part of this motion is for the increase of the set fine for the illegal stopping of vehicles (other than a bicycle) in bicycle lanes. The fine for this offence is ... [More]

Home History: 1800 Queen Street East
1800 Queen Street East, owned by Edythe Gerrard, is one of the four or five oldest houses in the Triangle. The very useful photo taken from the Fire Hall tower in 1902 shows only the two houses on Queen near Woodbine (still standing), the odd building formerly on the corner of Rainsford Road (demolished to make way for the condo)... [More]

New in the Neighbourhood: "Friends of Woodbine Park" (FoWP)
We Beachers love our beautiful neighbourhood, the lakeshore, trees, and green spaces. Now there is a new group eager to make their local park even nicer. Introducing: Friends of Woodbine Park (FoWP). Over one year ago, yours truly began negotiations with City Parks to get more trees and shrubs ... [More]

Triangle Resident Continues Musical Tradition
Countermeasure A Cappella, the group started by Triangle lifelong resident John-Michael Erlendson, will be presenting their highly acclaimed concert at the Green Door Cabaret, 100A Ossington Street on Friday, June 22 at 8 p.m. The 17-member group delivers ambitious and innovative arrangements of pop, jazz, original and world music. John-Michael grew up in ... [More]