Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Neighbourhood Liaison Committee

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By Edythe Gerrard and Hans Looije

The BTRA Board has been in attendance at meetings of the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant.

The Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Neighbourhood Liaison Committee and the public meeting was held on October 23rd.

The city needs to replace the 60-year-old pumps that pump sewage into the treatment plant, as well as the 110-year-old ‘M’ building that houses equipment. Working conditions are deemed unsafe by today’s standards. The round ‘T’ building was built in the 1970’s so it is in a little better shape but a lot of the equipment is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced. The old pumping stations would be decommissioned and parkland could be increased. Any ideas for alternate uses for the old buildings or conversion to parkland are welcome.

Also included in the study was consideration for the Wet Water Flow Master Plan that is supposed to fix a lot of the basement flooding issues.

Odour control plans are on-going. The city continues to request that citizens call 311 to report odours. There is a form that is filled in with every 311 call. A new reporting standard is being sought – the city was asked to put a chart on the back of the form so people could better identify the type of odour.

There were nine bypass incidents so far this year. The last one was during the storm on Labour Day. No raw sewage ever goes into the lake – it all receives at least some treatment. Landfill will add 40 acres south of the plant for additional storm-water management.

There are a few new reports on various aspects of the plans for the lake. They are available online or at the Library.

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