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It seems that the Triangle is always ‘under construction’. The past summer has seen the rehabilitation of the water mains in the area through re-lining, and replacement with copper pipe of lead and even older steel water pipes to the property line. Replacement of the line into the home may cost up to $3,500 or more.

The demolition of buildings to make way for construction of the condo at 200 Woodbine has begun. If it proceeds anything like One Rainsford, we will see four years of construction noise, dust, and blocked laneways. The plans for the new condo will be very similar to the One Rainsford condo, and they will share underground parking access.

Digging in the Triangle earlier this year (2015)

Digging in the Triangle earlier this year (2015)

At the same time as the 200 Woodbine condo is being built, across Woodbine another condo development, the ‘Heartwood’, will be built. This will cause major traffic congestion on Woodbine and require the TTC stops to be moved south of Queen.  The Heartwood condo will be the first ‘all wood’ six-storey condo in Toronto. The first floor retail will still be concrete form construction but the next five floors will be all wood with fibre-cement cladding on the exterior.

Architectural Rendering of the 200 Woodbine development

Architectural Rendering of the 200 Woodbine development

We’re pleased to see that this plan sets the building back to provide the wider sidewalk called for under the Urban Design Guidelines now in the Official Plan, and sets the south-east corner of the ground floor even further back to provide a greater sight line to the Fire Hall tower.

The reason there hasn’t been all-wood construction before now is because of the vast destruction of wood buildings during fires in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but cross-laminated timber (CLT) can be just as fireproof as concrete but is much less expensive. It is also ecologically better – trees are a renewable resource and use of CLT has a much smaller carbon footprint than concrete.


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