Home History: 9 Rainsford Road and the Paterson Family

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(Martha Kavanagh is a Triangle resident and most of what follows is based on an interview with her. Other records were found in ancestry.com)

Martha Kavanagh’s paternal grandparents, Joseph and Margaret Robertson Lindsay Paterson (née Stark), came to Canada from Scotland and bought 9 Rainsford Road in 1912. The house was first owned by Roland Porter, who apparently lost it to Henry T. Caniff. The assessed value of the property was $2,475.

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Joseph Paterson was a cabinetmaker, and built the addition on the back. Margaret was a dressmaker, with her business on the second floor. The house then had original stone foundations, three bedrooms plus a sunroom, a bathroom, a powder room, and a double-car garage off the alley. The basement was never finished. A second kitchen was added on the second floor when Martha lived there with her husband, Rob Wood, and his daughter, Vanessa, from 1973 to 1975. The main floor kitchen was then renovated, along with other parts of the main floor. Original woodwork was retained throughout.

Joseph and Margaret had two sons, Roy and Kenneth. Margaret died June 20, 1934, after an eleven-year struggle with cancer, fifty years after her birth to the day! She is buried in the Stark family plot in St. John’s Norway cemetery.

Ken Paterson lived with his father, Joseph, at 9 Rainsford until Joseph’s death in 1967. Ken, who never married, was willed the house and continued to live there with his brother, Roy. When Ken died in 1975 the house was willed to his brother. After Roy Paterson died in 1998, the home was owned by Roy’s wife, Evelyn, who lived there until her death in 1999. Roy and Evelyn are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

In 1999, Martha Kavanagh-Dillane purchased the home from her mother’s estate. The small kitchen on the second floor was removed. Martha moved in along with her two sons, Trent Kananagh and Loren Dillane, living there for a few years.

9 Rainsford was a popular spot for Paterson family descendants. Martha’s parents, who retired and moved from Willowdale to live on farm near Lindsay, stayed at 9 Rainsford while visiting Toronto. Martha’s sisters, Heather and Lisa Paterson, lived there off and on, after Ken’s death, while attending the University of Toronto.

9 Rainsford Road is a Beach Triangle home with a long history intertwined with the lives of the Paterson Family.

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