Home History and Triangle History Articles

This page links to all of the popular Home History articles that have appeared in the BTRA Newsletters over the years, covering the fascinating history of various houses within the Beach Triangle.

1800 Queen Street East
1800 Queen Street East, owned by Edythe Gerrard, is one of the four or five oldest houses in the Triangle. The very useful photo taken from the Fire Hall tower in 1902 shows only the two houses on Queen near Woodbine (still standing), the odd building formerly on the corner of Rainsford Road (demolished to make way for the condo), and a house and out-buildings in the distance near Kingston Road. The latter dwelling was probably the home of Joseph Duggan, who owned the entire Triangle and the land south of Queen where … [More]

8 Rainsford Road
Eight Rainsford Road is a classic Beach Triangle home. As you walk past you note the original roofed verandah and white Doric columns, the stained glass window over the large living room window and another to the right of the front door, the brick richly aged by almost 100 years of weathering. Looking up and you see the original second storey windows and a third floor dormer (wait, no it is an attic window with pretensions). As you enter, there is a… [More]

13 Dixon Avenue
“This one should take no time at all”, I optimistically thought as I began my search through the Toronto Archives files. I expected the home to have been built in the 1911-1914 period typical of many Triangle homes and therefore ended up reviewing every Assessment Role from 1911 until it was finally found in 1923! [More]

29 Lockwood Road
June Stewart has lived at 29 Lockwood Road all of her life. Her granddad and grandmother, William and Christina Ross, came to Canada from Scotland and settled in this house in order to “get out of the town” and move to the new development in The Beach. [More]

37 Dixon Road
Now the proud residence of Clive and Dr. Natasha Kessel for almost ten years, 37 Dixon Road is a gem, built in 1914 by a quality builder. The first owner was Eugene Hector Lyon, 40 years of age, a New Year’s baby born in Toronto in 1874 to Eugene Lyon and Mary Ellen Eleanor Church. He and his family moved in to 37 Dixon in 1915…. [More]

39 Brookmount Road
Stephen Anderson of 39 Brookmount wrote to say that when they renovated their house in the fall of 1991, they replaced the original hardwood floor, finding that newspapers had been spread between the sub-floor and the original hardwood floor. These newspapers couldn’t be salvaged, but were dated December 1921, probably signifying… [More]

42 Lark Street
Erwin and Erica Maier, owners of 42 Lark Street for 12 years, called to let us know that they had recently gutted the interior. They found, to their surprise and pleasure, many Blessed Mary medallions, all about the size of a penny or smaller – in the walls of the living room, dining room… [More]

46 Dixon Avenue
46 Dixon is a handsomely renovated semi-detached house between Lockwood and Brookmount Avenues, the happy home of Anil Khera and his family. In looking for the history of the home and its first owners at the Toronto Archives, the Goads Atlas reveals that 46 Dixon was among the first … [More]

50 Rainsford Road – Tradition to Limbo to Transformation
A hard-working immigrant family from Hong Kong, the Chan family consisted of David and Grace, and their sons, Philip and James. They lived at 50 Rainsford Road when my family moved into 52 Rainsford in 1973 and we were neighbours for about 25 years, until David and Grace became elderly and developed health problems that required them to move to a care facility… [More]

82 Dixon Avenue
The Triangle boasts several grand old houses on the corners of its intersections but, in my opinion, the ‘Queen’ is 82 Dixon on the northwest corner of Dixon and Rainsford. Current owner, Kate Langford, asked for a look into the history of her home. 82 Dixon has several features… [More]

98 Rainsford Road
James Collins of 98 Rainsford Road dropped off an interesting and somewhat incredible bit of history on the home that he and Jean have shared since 1954. In about 1975, James’s aunt, Cathy Lamond, came from Scotland to visit. When she returned, she was looking through the October 6th, 1915, edition of the Perthshire Advertiser, and was amazed to see a wedding announcement… [More]

102 Rainsford Road
Lil Rowe also has a “Six Degrees of Separation” experience. She went to Kew Beach School with Gwen Kirk, who was one of five children who lived with their parents at 102 Rainsford Road. One of these children, Dorothy, grew up, married, and had a family…. [More]

106 Dixon Road
This story is not so much about a home in the Triangle as about someone who lived in a Triangle home, and about an obsession – mine! It begins with a previous Home History article that focused on Eight Rainsford Road, where I found that Annie May Taylor sold the home in 1911 to newlyweds Henry Turner Smith and Anne Selina (Taylor) Smith. I became convinced that there had to be some relationship between Annie May Taylor and Anne Selina Taylor. [More]

116 Rainsford Road
Lil Rowe tells us that Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wilson bought 116 Rainsford Road the year it was built, in 1913, and lived there until about 1968. Mr. Wilson died in 1969. Mrs. Wilson went to live in a nursing home, where she lived until…. [More]

118 Rainsford Road
For the grand sum of $5,450 Lillian and Wesley Rowe bought 118 Rainsford Road in 1948 from her brother and his wife, George and Gladys Hanna, although they couldn’t move in until 1950. Wes died in 1996, but Lil lives on there to the present day. The house was built in 1913, a year in which… [More]

118 Rainsford Road – A Pioneer’s Home
For the grand sum of $5,450 Lillian and Wesley Rowe bought 118 Rainsford Road in 1948 from her brother and his wife, George and Gladys Hanna, although they couldn’t move in until 1950. Sadly, Wes died in 1996, but Lil lived on there for sixty years – until April 2014! The house was built in 1913, a year in which a good deal of development… [More]

122 Rainsford Road
Our research inspired Lil Rowe to do some of her own! Lil tells us that 122 Rainsford was also built in 1913, bought in October 1950 by Mr. and Mrs. Bulger, and Audrey Bulger lived there until she passed away in August 2005. The Bulgers had photos of their property from about 1915, one from the backyard that showed no houses on Kingston Road in the block between Rainsford and Columbine…. [More]

1862 Queen Street East: Sauvignon Has a Past…
Stefan Paquet, owner of Sauvignon Bistro at 1862 Queen Street East, told me he had something special – a photo of his premises, when it was Woodbine Market in 1915. This is indeed special… [More]

1864 Queen Street East
If not derelict, definitely unloved. This is how one may view the curiously shaped, flat-roofed building on the northeast corner of Rainsford Road and Queen East in the Triangle. Now threatened with demolition to make way for a possible condo development, I decided to look into the history of this home before it is too late. [More]

The Hidden Twins… 1878 and 1880 Queen Street East
Two of the oldest houses on Queen Street in the Triangle, 1878 and 1880, are now almost totally hidden by urban growth. These houses show up clearly in the photo taken in about 1906 from the fire hall tower but now barely discernible. The c.1906 photo reveals only four buildings on the north side of Queen… [More]

Historic Triangle Photo Worth a Second Look
The photo printed in the Winter 2006 Triangle Topics was interesting to a lot of people, so we are re-printing it here with more commentary. The photo portrays the corner of Queen and Woodbine circa 1905 (Woodbine appears to bend at Queen because of a distortion resulting from putting two photos together). First, a resident called to say, “I was really thrilled to see the house I live in” – one of two houses on Queen… [More]

History of Triangle Homes
As we accumulate more histories on Triangle homes, we see how much more there is to learn. One of our pursuits is to determine the time frames in which different parts of the area were developed. For example, we have published a photo from 1912 of the original Woodbine Racetrack on the south side of Queen… [More]

The Triangle Neighbourhood in the Fifties
Lil Rowe also speaks of the neighbourhood in the fifties – there was a butcher shop at the corner of Rainsford and Queen (now Sauvignon) run by Mr. Goodwin, and a bowling alley and pool hall on Queen in the block between Rainsford and Brookmount. The convenience store at the corner of Rainsford Road and Kingston Road was then a grocery run by Gordon Cane. A dry goods store was next door…. [More]

Triangle History: Woodbine Club House Hotel
The histories of “Duggan’s Hotel”, “Woodbine Park”, “Woodbine Park Club House”, and Woodbine Race Course (later “Old Woodbine”, “Greenwood Race Track”, and, today, “Woodbine Park”), are closely linked to Joseph Duggan, who was born in Toronto 15 August, 1833 . At age 23, he married Susan Love, 19, on 3 July 1857. A daughter, Annie Noble, was born to them in 1866 … [More]