Please Stoop and Scoop After Your Dog!

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By Mira Claxton

As the snow melted, many residents noticed something unsightly in their parks: dog feces. An alarming amount of it.

The BTRA has received a few emails from Triangle residents recently, complaining about taking their children to Jeff Sloan Community Parkette only to retreat in horror at the sighting.

“It’s so gross.” “My kids play there.” “There’s dog poop everywhere.”

Not only is it a smelly eyesore, but a very real health concern exists at the potential to pick up possible diseases like ringworm, which can cause blindness. Young children like rolling down grassy hills and can accidentally pick up the hardened stuff that’s been left festering over the winter months.

Pet waste doesn’t compost well. When improperly disposed of, it can be picked up by storm water runoff and eventually end up in our blue flag beach, causing significant water pollution. Pet waste carries a toxic pool of bacteria, viruses and parasites, threatening the health of humans and wildlife.

It’s not just our green spaces that suffer. A friend at a local bank branch recently complained about the gift bag that is left most days on the sidewalk in front of the branch doors. Witnesses have seen a woman surreptitiously leaving her treat early in the mornings. “Maybe it’s a protest against Big Banks” she sniffed, “But I’m just an employee here”.

Even the City admits it’s an issue. Back in 2006 the City of Toronto conducted a waste audit that showed 23-27% of dog waste in our parks not being properly collected. The Dog Waste Pilot was subsequently started and it includes placing Green Bins next to litter and recycling bins with appropriate signage. Kew Beach Park has one.

Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 608, Parks, states that every person having control of a dog in a park is required to immediately pick-up and remove dog excrement “and dispose of it in a sanitary manner in a receptacle for litter or other suitable container” [section 38B (2)]. The Green Bin parks pilot provides the convenience of easy access to an organics processing program that diverts pet waste from regular garbage sent to landfill.

“Poop & Scoop” inspectors are sent out and offending dog owners can be fined if caught in the act.

In the meantime, it would be smarter use of taxpayers’ money if the public looked after themselves. So, please, folks, look after your pooches.

To report a problem in the park, contact the General Supervisor for Parks and Recs for District 32, Mark Hawkins, at (416) 392-6828.

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