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Police Liaison

By Deborah Etsten

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I have attended monthly meetings at the Police Station as well as a crime management meeting to get a sense if our area is having greater crime. As of April, there seems to be a slight increase in Break and Enters all over 55 Division. Police advise that these B&Es typically occur during daytime. Thieves will grab what's easiest such as laptops and iPods. Due to the thieves' desperation, the Police urge us to not leave ANY change whatsoever in our cars. Even a few coins will tempt a desperate person.

Police feel our area is getting much better at reporting crime or even graffiti tagging, which may account for some of the increase. Spring brings out the flowers and increased petty crime, it seems. The Police will be hosting another Town Hall meeting on graffiti on May 27 at Main Square. Time to be announced in the local papers.